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MetaModelAgent Update Site

This page is not intended to be opened in a web browser.
The URL: http://www.metamodelagent.com/update represents a composite Eclipse Update site for the MetaModelAgent extension to IBM Rational Software Architect (RSA) and Papyrus Modeling environment.

If the composite update site fails, individual update sites are available for each edition:

  • For RSA, 8.0 or later, including RSA RTE: http://www.metamodelagent.com/update/rsa
  • For Papyrus 1.1: http://www.metamodelagent.com/update/papyrus
  • For Papyrus 2.0.x: http://www.metamodelagent.com/update/papyrus_v2
  • For Papyrus 3.x and Papyrus RT 1.0: http://www.metamodelagent.com/update/papyrus_v3

To Install MetaModelAgent you need to have RSA or Papyrus installed and running:

  1. Select Help->Install new Software.
  2. Copy the URL above and paste it into the Add Repository dialog.
  3. You will then be able to install MetaModelAgent in you own environment.

For more information on MetaModelAgent installation and licensing, see get started.