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Software Packages

MetaModelAgent Update Site

To download and install MetaModelAgent using the update site you need to have your Eclipse-based modeling tool running:

  1. Select Help->Install new Software.
  2. Press Add... to open the Add Repository dialog.
  3. Copy and paste the URL: https://www.metamodelagent.com/update into the Location field in the Add Repository dialog and press OK.
  4. You will then find the latest release of MetaModelAgent for all environments in the list view.
  5. Select an edition for your environment press Next to continue installation in you own environment.

For more information on MetaModelAgent installation and licensing, see get started.

Flash News: Metamodels using the Metamodel architecture context
cannot be edited in Papyrus 2021-09.

Previous Versions Update Sites

Previous versions of MetaModelAgent for all environments can be found at the https://www.metamodelagent.com/update/old update site.

Archived Unsigned Update Sites

If you are in need of adjusting the MetaModelAgent software package prior to installation or internal redistribution, you can download archieved unsigned software packages for your environment:

User Documentation

MetaModelAgent comes with complete user documentation for all kind of user roles. The following user manuals are available in the Eclipse help system after installation.

  • Modeling User Manual
    Learn how to use MetaModelAgent together with your own domain-specific modeling language for efficient modeling.
  • Model Analysis Manual
    Learn how to analyze your models using MetaModelAgent for standard UML, UML-RT and your own domain-specific language models.
  • Metamodeling Manual
    Learn how to develop your own domain-specific modeling language using MetaModelAgent´s metamodel notation.
    This manual are for modeling experts and developers of domain-specific model languages. The reader are expected to have very good knowledge of UML.

Download Product sheet

Demo Models

To be able to try out MetaModelAgent without have to created your own domain-specific modeling language, some Eclipse projects with example metamodels and models have been prepared.

IMPORTANT:To open the metamodels included in the zip-files you must have MetaModelAgent installed as they refer to the MetaModelAgent UML-profile for metamodels. To tryout the MetaModelAgent functionality on the included models, you must have at least a FREE MetaModelAgent license available. To download and install the MetaModelAgent software and requesting a license key, please see Get Started.

All provided models and metamodels are license free for any kind of usage and modifications.

How to install the examples

Each example below is available as a compressed archive (zip-file). To install an example in your running Papyrus session, follow these steps:

  1. Download the example´s archive file with zip-extenstion to your local file system.
  2. Decompress the downloaded archive file to a new folder.
  3. Select File->Import in the main menu to open the Import wizard dialog.
  4. Select General/Projects Projects into Workspace in the wizard´s tree pane and press Next... button to continue on the Import Project wizard page.
  5. Press Browse… button and select the folder containing the content of the decompressed archive.
  6. Press Finish to complete the installation. All the content of the example will be available in the Project Explorer View.

Information Modeling DSML example

The zip-file contains an Eclipse-project with a complete example of a metamodel for very simple information modeling and a small information model example. Please see enclosed Readme file for details.

Cities and Connections DSML example

This is an example of a simple modeling language for modeling, countries, cities and connections between cities. This example is used in the article Enabling a tailor-made Modeling Environment for your Enterprise Architecture   PDF.

The zip-file contains an Eclipse-project with a complete example of a profile and metamodel for modeling cities and connections and an example model covering countries and some major cities in northern Europe. Please see enclosed Readme file for details.