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Software Packages

MetaModelAgent Update Site

To download and install MetaModelAgent using the update site you need to have your Eclipse-based modeling tool running:

  1. Select Help->Install new Software.
  2. Press Add... to open the Add Repository dialog.
  3. Copy and paste the URL: https://www.metamodelagent.com/update into the Location field in the Add Repository dialog and press OK.
  4. You will then find the latest release of MetaModelAgent for all environments in the list view.
  5. Select an edition for your environment press Next to continue installation in you own environment.

For more information on MetaModelAgent installation and licensing, see get started.

Previous Versions Update Sites

Previous versions of MetaModelAgent for all environments can be found at the https://www.metamodelagent.com/update/old update site.

Archived Unsigned Update Sites

If you are in need of adjusting the MetaModelAgent software package prior to installation or internal redistribution, you can download archieved unsigned software packages for your environment:

User Documentation

MetaModelAgent comes with complete user documentation for all kind of user roles. The following user manuals are available in the Eclipse help system after installation.

  • Modeling User Manual
    Learn how to use MetaModelAgent together with your own domain-specific modeling language for efficient modeling.
  • Model Analysis Manual
    Learn how to analyze your models using MetaModelAgent for standard UML, UML-RT and your own domain-specific language models.
  • Metamodeling Manual
    Learn how to develop your own domain-specific modeling language using MetaModelAgent┬┤s metamodel notation.
    This manual are for modeling experts and developers of domain-specific model languages. The reader are expected to have very good knowledge of UML.

Download Product sheet

MetaModelAgent Examples for Papyrus

There are three examples available for Eclipse Papyrus. The examples can be used out-of-the-box for free without the need of a license.

Each example consists of a metamodel that defines a domain-specific modeling language based on UML, and an example model using that language.

The examples are packaged as an optional extension available for installation from the MetaModelAgent update site. They are also available at their own update site: www.metamodelagent.com/update/papyrus_examples. After the extension has been installed, you can import the examples into your current workspace (File->New->Examples->MetaModelAgent in the main menu).

  • Information Modeling Example (Simple)
    Simple Information Modeling using standard UML-elements without any profile used. The example demostrate how MetaModelAgent can be used to limit the subset of UML used, and that domain-specific concepts can be introduced without the need of a profile with stereotypes.
  • Travelling Example (Intermediate)
    An example on how countries, cities, travelling connections and travel operators can be modeled by using a profile and metamodel that defines those concepts and all rules needed, based on standard UML concepts. The example is espcially suitable for trying out the model analysis capabilities in MetaModelAgent.
    This example is used in the article Enabling a tailor-made Modeling Environment for your Enterprise Architecture   PDF.
  • Smart Home Example (Advanced)
    An example on how to model your smart home and all its connected devices using a Smart Home domain-specific modeling language based on UML. The example uses UML-concepts such as components, composite strutures, ports, and connectors to represent smart devices and their potential way to communicate.

More information about the examples and how to import them to your workspace is available in the Eclipse Help System (MetaModelAgent/MetaModelAgent Examples) after the optional extension has been installed.