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Resolved bugs

These are the bugs that have been recently resolved in MetaModelAgent. Any remaining open bugs can be found in the list of open bugs.

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Fix Vers. Key Component Summary Description
MMA-2024 Guideline Reporting, Model Reporting

Impossible to select folder for web publish output on certain OS when using Eclipse Photon or newer

MMA-2018 UI Trace Matrix View

Relations where the target is null results in an error message in the Trace Matrix View

The Trace Matrix View indicates an error when there is a relationship without a target within the selected context

MMA-2013 RSA, UI Property View

Exceptions are thrown randomly when setting focus on MMA Property View after metamodel changes being applied

Sometimes a popup-dialog indicating exception when setting the MMA Property View in focus.
The problem have only been observed in RSA RTE environment running on Eclipse Neon.1.

MMA-2008 Model Validation, Papyrus

Diagrams in fragments are not recognized

Diagrams contained in a model element which belong to a fragmented part of the overall model and stored in its own metamodel, will not be recognized in MetaModelAgent. This bug was introduced in v4.3.1. Resolved in v4.3.1.009

MMA-1999 UI Chart View

Several Bar Chart displays incorrect content when the scope includes several nested models using the same metamodel in different activations

In all charts that groups the result around metaclasses.
The bars presented and the tooltips are not correct if the selection includes content from several nested models using different activations of the same metamodel.

4.3.1 MMA-1994 Imposer

Moving elements between different models with separate activation are not allowed when Change wizard is active

If an element is moved from one activated model to another, the movement is incorrectly stopped when the preference settings Enable Change Wizard is set to Always.

The movement should be allowed if the element being moved could be identified in the new model.

4.3.1 MMA-1993 UI Wizards

Associations incorrectly occurs in the add menu between elements of the same metaclass

The multiplicity of the metaclass representing an association end, from the association metaclass perspective is not considered.
The effect is that associations will always occur in the Add menu for elements belonging to the same metaclass, as long as they can participate in an association with some other kind of element.
When selecting the association in the add menu, an empty wizard will occur.

4.3.1 MMA-1975 UI Wizards

Relationships towards elements using another metamodel can not be added using the diagram context menu

4.3.1 MMA-1970 Papyrus, UI Wizards

Profiles applied using MMA Create New Model Wizard gives absolute file references

Profiles applied using MMA Create New Model Wizard creates absolute file references to the profiles in the uml-file

4.3.1 MMA-1968 Papyrus, UI Wizards

Applying a profile using MMA New Model Wizard does not add Papyrus specific annotations to the .uml-file

When applying a profile using MMA New Model Wizard, the Papyrus-specific annotations to does not add Papyrus specific annotations is not not added to the profile application in .uml-file

4.3.1 MMA-1962 Model Validation

Validation of a transition guard with unset specification gives an exception

A model validation error popup-dialog occurs with no specified details

4.3.1 MMA-1955 Papyrus, UI Property View

Multiple occurences of loaded models in the element selection dialog

If several models in the current editing domain have imported the same model (for example UML primitive types).
This model will occur multiple times in the element selection dialog. However it seems that it does not matter which one that are chosen.

4.3.1 MMA-1954 Model Reporting

The property search does not give correct result for user-defined properties if more than one models using the same metamodel is being published

When publishing several models using the same metamodel, user-defined property names will be duplicated on the Property Search index page. Clicking on a property name to show property values will then give an incorrect result.

4.3.1 MMA-1940 UI Activation View

Closing a model resource does not remove activations initiated on nested items

If a model resource is closed where a nested item is the root element of an MMA activation, this activation will remain visible in the MMA Activation view.

4.3.1 MMA-1929 Papyrus

Connected metamodel in a workspace will not be loaded if the loading strategy is set to manual

Connected metamodels should always be loaded automatically, independent of the loading strategy.
They can not be loaded afterwards from Model Explorer because of limitations in Papyrus

4.3.1 MMA-1928 Model Validation

MMA does not react on elements that are not packages or models being loaded

MMA will not identify elements being loaded that do not inherit from package,

The expected behavior is that MMA should extend its activation to all loaded elements.

4.3.1 MMA-1926 Model Validation

Manual or on demand loading of nested unloaded elements results in a second activation

When loading a nested unloaded element in a model that already have been activated. The nested element will be the root in a new activation. The MMA activation view will show the two activations.

The second activation does not get inactivated either when the outher model is closed or inactivated.

The expected behavior should be that the loaded element and its nested elements should be part of the first activation.

4.3.1 MMA-1917 UI Chart View

Property values evaluated to non-empty string with only spaces throws exception in Chart View

If a property value evaluates to a non-empty string that only contains space characters, the bar chart will fail throwing an exception

4.3.1 MMA-1913 Imposer, Model Validation, Papyrus

No revalidation when stereotype application changes in Papyrus

Revalidation does not always take place when a stereotype application is changed or a stereotype property is edited in Papyrus.

4.3.1 MMA-1912 Imposer

Adding elements using DSML-UI extension may invoke the Guided Change Wizard even if not needed

If the MMA Change wizard is enabled in the preference settings and any DSML-extension is used for adding new elements, where element properties are set in the same operation, the Guided Change Wizard may be invoked even if only one of the metaclasses in the metamodel matches the new element.

4.3.1 MMA-1911 Imposer

Adding Pseudo states using standard context menu or diagram palette invokes the Guided Change Wizard even if not needed

If the MMA Change wizard is enabled in the preference settings and the metamodel defines many variants of Pseudostates, the Guided Change wizard will always be invoked when adding a pseudo state using standard add menu or diagram palette, even if only one of the metaclasses matches.

4.3.1 MMA-1906 Papyrus, UI Diagram & Palette

Diagram root different from owner is not respected when adding items using MMA palette

If the diagram root is different from diagram owner, any element added using the MMA palette is added to the owner instead of added to the root.

4.3.1 MMA-1905 Model Validation

Inherited literals are invalid as default values in attributes when the metamodel says @instance

If the metamodel has a default value definition for an attribute where the rule says @instance, then will any inherited literals be validated as false.

The expected behavior is that inherited literals should be valid when the default value rule says @instance.

4.3.1 MMA-1903 UI Diagram & Palette

Nested elements could not be created by using the MMA palette

4.3.1 MMA-1899 Guideline Reporting, Model Reporting, RSA

"\n" in labels name to achieve line breaks in diagrams (using Ctrl+return) makes layout in web publish output corrupt

Names that has been created using CTRL+Return, represented by "\n", should not be published with line break.

4.3.1 MMA-1891 Papyrus, UI Diagram & Palette

Communication Paths cannot be added to a Deployment Diagram using MMA Add wizard

When trying to add a communication path between two nodes in a Deployment diagram using the MMA Add Wizard from the diagram context menu, the communication path is added to the model but not displayed in the diagram.

4.3.1 MMA-1880 UI Property View

Edited text property fields will sometimes not update the model when focus changes to some other part of the workbench

This will occur sometimes when for example a name property is edited in the MMA property view whereafter focus is moved to the diagram area.
The work around is to to click somewhere else in the workbench before clickning on diagram.

4.3.1 MMA-1874 UI Diagram & Palette

Associations in diagram palette are not supported

Selecting an association tool in the MMA palette throw exceptions.
Associations should be removed from the MMA palette as relationships are not supported in the palette
Associations as well as other relationships are added using the MMA context menu in the diagram editor.

4.3.1 MMA-1873 UI Trace Tree View

"Set as root" in Trace Tree Diagram does not work in backward direction mode

Trying to set an element as root using the context menu entry "Set as Root" has no effect if the Trace Tree View is in "Backward" mode.

4.3.1 MMA-1865 UI Others

MMA Context Menu fails for classifiers having an corrupt association end with null as type

If a classifier has a corrupt association where the property representing the association end has null as type. The MMA context menu for the classifier will not open.
This kind of corrupt association end could not be reproduced using the UI in neither RSA nor Papyrus.
It occured only whn reversing Java code to UML in RSA.

4.3.1 MMA-1129 UI Diagram & Palette

Selected elements from the palette is not created in the position where they are dropped

4.3.1 MMA-1128 UI Diagram & Palette

Selecting elements from the Palette shows a red cross when dragged to diagram editor

4.3.0 MMA-1844 UI Wizards

Literals get in some circumstances moved from property default value when creating a new slot based on the property

This happens when the model is using a user defined type library for primitive types.
The workaround is to replace the default value in the add slot wizard by another value and then afterwards change back to the default value

4.3.0 MMA-1822 UI Wizards

Unnecessary profiles are added when creating a new model if referred from external metaclass

If a metamodel contains metaclasses defined as external that refers a stereotype from a profile, that profile will be applied to the model being created using the MMA New Model wizard, even if the profile is not to be used within the model

4.2.2 MMA-1834 Model Reporting, Papyrus

Line breaks in comments representing documentation are not respected in web publish output

New lines added to the documentation field are not respected in web publish output.
The documentation is presented without any new line or paragrah separators.

4.2.2 MMA-1825 Papyrus, UI Wizards

MMA switches association source and target ends in diagrams

When adding an association using MMA Add WIzard in a diagram, the labels of the association ends are switched in the diagram. However the role ends in the model will be correct.
The work around is to remove the association manually from the diagram and redraw it using drag and drop from model explorer.

4.2.2 MMA-1813 Model Reporting

Hyperlinks are invalidly provided to unpublished guideline pages in nested element sections

If the web publish setting is to not publish guideline hyperlinks, hyperlinks are created anyway in the nested element sections in web published model report. Those hyperlinks will then lead to unpublished guideline pages.

4.2.2 MMA-1811 Guideline Reporting, Model Reporting

Web publish output does not support older vesions of Internet Explorer

The web-publish output renders incorrect in older versions of Internet Explorer. E.g. older than IE11

4.2.2 MMA-1804 Papyrus, UI Diagram & Palette

Switched association end details may occur on diagram when using MMA Add Wizard

Association end details (role name and multiplicity) will occasionally be placed on the wrong side of the association, when the association is created by selecting the two elements and using the MMA Add Wizard.
It seems to occur randomly.
The work around is to remove the association from the diagram and drag&drop in again onto the diagram from the model explorer.

4.2.2 MMA-1796 Model Validation

Metamodel could sometimes not be activated towards metametamodel if it contains severe errors

This occur first time a metamodel is validated in a new modeling tool session or every time if the current license is limited (e.g. FREE or BASIC).
The activation fails if the metamodel contains a metaclass without a MMA-stereotype or if it contains invalid metaclass attribute names
By making sure that each class in the metamodel has a proper MMA-stereotype and that the attributes has proper names, the activation will work.

4.2.2 MMA-1791 General UML guidelines, Papyrus

State machine diagrams are not allowed within States when using the General Modeling Guidelines

States must be able to hold state machine diagrams and state machine diagrams must be able to have a state as their root element. This is needed to support PapyrusRT model structure. This will be fixed for Papyrus 3.0 only

4.2.2 MMA-1783 Model Reporting, UI Property View

Multi-valued properties of element types are not read correctly

Multi-valued properties which type is model elements (except instance specifications) are not read correctly and therefor not presented in the property view nor published in web publisher
This bug was introduced in 4.2.1

4.2.2 MMA-1781 UI Wizards

Static diagrams added using the add wizard are prefilled with the element owning the diagram

This bug was introduced in MMA 4.2.1 003 public release.

4.2.2 MMA-1771 UI Wizards

Exception sometimes occur in connection wizard search mode

It seems to occur only when a metamodel have been moved to a new project or the project or metamodel have changed name.

4.2.2 MMA-1770 Papyrus, UI Wizards

Searching for metamodel in Connection wizard leads to absolute file reference in model

If the model is connected to a metamodel using the connection wizard and a search is made for available metamodels in the workspace, the resulting reference will be an absolute file path.

Workaround is to load the metamodel using the "Import->Import Package From User Mode" context menu entry, followed by opening the connection wizard again, where the loaded metamodel should be available in the drop-down menu.

4.2.2 MMA-1769  

Exceptions are thrown if a metamodel uses enumerations without any literals

This may also occur if an enumeration literals refers to external files that does not exist.

4.2.1 MMA-1762 Papyrus, UI Wizards

Models created in nested folders using MMA create model wizard is being corrupt

When creating a model in a nested folder in a project, a popup-dialog appear saying that "your model is corrup, invalid links have been found".

The workaround is to create the model in the project´s root folder and then afterwards move the model resources into the subfolder.

4.2.1 MMA-1760 Guideline Reporting, Papyrus, UI Guidance View

Custom icon presentation fails sometimes if metamodel specifies several stereotypes for an element

If a metamodel contains a metaclass that requires more than one mandatory stereotypes, Custom-defined icons for the stereotypes may not be shown in the MMA Guidance View and generated guidelines web.
The bug is only visual and does not affect creating or editing models using MetaModelAgent

4.2.1 MMA-1758 Model Reporting

PrintOut function does not respect preference settings nor licens mode

The print out features does not respect hide fixed property setting and the license mode.
It does not either sort the properties in alpabetic order.

4.2.1 MMA-1754 UI Property Table View

Integer property values are sorted in alphabetic order in MMA Property Table View

4.2.1 MMA-1753  

Externalized metamodel enumeration literals are not sorted correctly

The literals within an externalized file are expected to show up in the same order as defined and not in alphabetic order

4.2.1 MMA-1749 Model Reporting

"Hide fixed values" setting in web publish is not respected

The setting "Hide fixed values" which should control wheter fixed key property values should be published or not does not work. Fixed key properties are published even if this setting is chcked. This bug seems to have been introduced in v4.2.0.

4.2.1 MMA-1746 Model Reporting, Model Validation, UI Property View

Multi-valued property values of primitive types is not retrieved from model

Multiple valued property values are not read correctly from model. This affects the MMA Property View, Model validation and model publishing. This bug seems to have been introduced in MMA v4.1.4

4.2.1 MMA-1745 Model Reporting

Each diagram heading is listed once more without content on the web publish print-out page

The print out page of a published model contains an extra list of diagram headers at the end of each section. This also holds for diagrams in nested elements

4.2.1 MMA-1743 UI Property View

Exception thrown when showing an association with undefined end in the MMA property view

4.2.1 MMA-1739 General UML guidelines

Metaclasses with @SUPER keyword as part of the documentation may accidentally include the description of a constraint

Metaclasses that has @SUPER keyword as part of the documentation will incorrectly include the description of a constraint if they can hold constraints and there is no explicit constraint definition in the metamodel
This holds for some metaclasses even in the General UML Guidelines, for example OpaqueAction

4.2.1 MMA-1738 Model Reporting, Papyrus

Hyperlinks added to elements in a diagram are not available if the element is outside the publishing scope

4.2.1 MMA-1737 Model Reporting, Papyrus, UI Others

Property value-controlled stereotype icons in Papyrus is not supported

A stereotype in Papyrus may have several icons defined, A boolean expression refering to stereotype properties stored in each image/icon element controls if the icon should be used or not.

This behavior should be supported in the UI and web-publish result of MMA.

4.2.1 MMA-1736 UI Property View

Exception sometimes occur when switching to current activation in element selection dialog

This seems to occur if there is no currently selected element and no selectable element either

4.2.1 MMA-1732 Model Reporting, Papyrus

Hyperlink hovering popup does not always close when exiting the popup area

Sometimes you must move the cursor far below the popup hover window to Close it. The problem is related to an incorrect CSS-setting

4.2.1 MMA-1728 UI Property View

Rich-text widget content does not updates automatically when the popup-editor is in plain-text mode

If the widget presenting documentation is a rich-text widget (i.e embedded web browser) and the popup dialog editor is a plain-text editor, the content of the rich-text editor will not update automatically when the popupdialog is closed. However the edited text is stored in the model even if it is not displayed in the rich-text widget

4.2.1 MMA-1714 General UML guidelines, Metametamodel, Papyrus

Diagram root element property not respected by MMA diagram palette

The root element property of a diagram in Papyrus, Controls where elements added using the palette are created.
MMA does not respect this property. Currenttly, elements added using the MMA palette is created within the owner of the diagram.

4.2.1 MMA-1669 General UML guidelines

Actions are not allowed in Interactions

When using the built-in General UML Guidelines, errors are reported in MMA Problem View for actions nested in Interactions
Actions can neither be added to interactions when using a custom metamodel

4.2.1 MMA-1395 Guideline Reporting, Papyrus

Stereotype icons are not always published when doing "Publish Guidelines" if the profile is not already loaded in the same editing domain

The workaround is to do the guideline reporting through the model reporting

4.2.1 MMA-1328 Papyrus, UI Wizards

Behavior diagrams cannot be created within structured classifiers

When a behavior diagram is added to a structured classifier, the diagram is created but a strange Icon is displayed in the model Explorer.
One reason may be that the context is not set.
Therefore addition of behavior diagrams to structured classifiers have been revoked from MMA.

4.2.1 MMA-1296 Model Validation

"Continue after error" preference setting behavior does not respect classifier childs

If the setting is true, any package hiearchy is parsed for nested classifiers. All packages in the hierarchy may be considered unknown and parsing will still continue.
Classifier hierarchires are however not further parsed, even when the setting is true.
If the setting is false. all nested packages are invalidly reported as unknown packages. Nested packages should not be parsed.

The expected behavior should be consistent when both package and classifier hierarchies are parsed. .

4.2.1 MMA-1240 Model Validation, UI Property View

@INSTANCE keyword in property definitions is not respected when the type is a primitive type

For example in attributes: The default value shall comply to the type, e.g. only true and false are valid for Boolean type.

4.2.1 MMA-1090 Papyrus

State machine diagrams created by MMA gives exceptions when editing afterwords

State machine diagrams created by MMA contains a state machine that gives exceptions when resized. The diagram is not completly created.

4.2.1 MMA-1088 Papyrus

Diagram is not correctly deleted when removed using quick fix in Problem View

4.2.1 MMA-950  

Enumeration with only one literal in the metamodel invalidly results in an editable text widget in wizards and property views

4.2.1 MMA-568  

Loaded models deployed in a plug-in may be activated by MMA

It should not be possible to activate a model that is deployed in a plugin in RSA.
This is a correct behavior in Papyrus as the loaded model is visible in the model explorer

4.2.1 MMA-553  

Changes in the metamodel is not reflected when re-activating MMA by use of the tool button in the tool bar

Reactivation MMA by use of the tool button in the tool bar should result in an activation using a re-parsed metamodel.

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Open confirmed bugs

The bugs in the list are all reported and confirmed. Any major bug will be resolved in the next upcoming release.

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Key Component Summary Description
MMA-1969 RSA, UI Wizards

Connection to metamodel in closed projects fails

MMA-1910 General UML guidelines

Metaclass Structured Activity Node occurs twice in metamodel General UML Modeling guidelines

MMA-1897 Imposer, Model Validation, Papyrus

MMA does not react on model changes in a model managed by CDO initiated by another CDO session

Running two simultaneous CDO sessions and changing the model in one of the session, does not initate a revalidation of the model in the other session. Any added model element will be unclassified by MMA
MMA-1803 Model Validation, UI Property View

Lower limit of multi-valued user defined properties are not validated

A lower limit of 1 for example is not reported as invalid, not by color in the MMA Property view or by an entry in the MMA Problem View
MMA-1793 Model Reporting, PapyrusRT

Fallback filenames are used for some RT-elements when publishing an PapyrusRT model using PapyrusRT RCP

The standard way to retrieve the UUID, Resource.getURIFragment(element) does not work for all RT-specifik element types when running the RCP-installation of Papyrus.
If so, files with encryptic file names are generated instead of UUID-based file names.
MMA-1768 Guideline Reporting

An invalid thread access exception occurs first time an unloaded profile is refered

This exception does not affect the resulting guideline web.
MMA-1748 Model Reporting, Papyrus

Invalid thread access exception sometimes in web publish

Invalid thread access occurs sometimes when executing web publisher. This seems to occur randomly. A temporary fix has been made by catching the exception, but this bug is still open waiting for a permanent fix.
Work around that have proven successful is to restart the tool and redo the model pubslishing.
MMA-1747 Model Reporting

Publish documentation failure sometimes when reusing output folder

Exceptions has been detected a few times when publishing once more into an existing folder. This have not been reproducable in test environments.
Work around may be to clean the target folder or use another target folder.

MMA-1723 Model Reporting

The order of ordered nested elements are not preserved in web publish

The order of parameters are semantically significant and must be preserved. The same is for Pins and for nested properties (e.g. qualifiers)
These elements should therefor always be listed in original order as stored in the model.
MMA-1700 Model Reporting

Inherited elements from other activations are presented with the other activation´s metaclass

If an element inherit another element, for example a property, the other element has a metaclass from the metamodel from the other activation.
In such a case the element should be presented in some special way
If both the activations uses the same metamodel, the elements shoould be grouped under the same heading in the nested element section.
MMA-1556 UI Wizards

The preference setting "Show only editable pages in wizards" is not respected for the first Add wizard page

Add wizard should not be showned when adding an element or relationships by selecting two elements, if there are no editable properties and the preference setting is set to hide non-editable pages.
MMA-1539 Model Validation, Papyrus

Associations are reported as invalid elements if there are permitAll operations allowing any association ends

To remove the invalid reported problem, a manual refresh (reactivation) must be made.
Even afterwards and also in RSA when selecting such an association, a message in the GuidanceView says that the element could not be identified
MMA-1485 Metamodel validation

Metaclass comparison reports invalid errors when constant default values are used in combination with enumeration types in metaclass attributes

When two metaclass attributes are compared and they have different fixed default values but the same enumeration as types. They are invalidly reported as overlapping as the default values are not respected.

The bug is related to the compareEnumTypes() method in class MetaClassComparison.

MMA-1278 Imposer, RSA

Adding a Capsule using RSA RTE UI when Change Wizard is enabled causing an "Invalid model modification" dialog to appear

Adding a Capsule using RSA RTE UI automatically add some nested elements as well.
This is very difficult to fix because the EMF Transaction framework reports the added elements in a reverse order, making it impossible for MMA to identify the added elements correctly.

One solution would be to detect that there is nested elements to a capsule being created and disable the change wizard upon this fact.

This behavior may occur in other situations as well where several elements are added using a single operation.
MMA-1241 UI Property View

Item selection dialog button for Slot value property need sometimes to be pressed twice before the dialog appear

If the defining feature has been changed the item selection dialog for slot value has to be pushed twice
The problem occur because the widgets are redrawn when the defining feature lost focus. At that point the push button listener is not yet registered.
MMA-1092 Papyrus

Automation is not always automatically enabled on a model that have been created

When a model is created and MMA has the preference setting "Always activation". MMA tries to do the activation Before the editing domain is available. Automation is therefore not initialized. Activation must therefore be made manually.
MMA-1009 MMA Profile

The stereotype 'templatebinding' in the MMA-profile used in metamodels is misspelt

The correct name should be 'templateBinding' with an uppercase B.

MMA Property View is not automatically updated when a property value is changed in some other view or editor

An automatic update would be the expected behavior But that may make the MMA Property View obsolete if it affects key-properties. In such a case the classification might change forcing a complete switch of the view content or that the view should be empty (base on that the element could not be classified). This bug needs more investigation and consequence analysis.
MMA-803 Metamodel validation

Circular <<key>> references in a metamodel leads to an inifinte loop upon activation

This might be detected if a test model can be automatically genererated from a metamodel

UML Connectors could not be created using the General UML Guidelines

The current UML General Guidelines does not have 2 as a lower number of Connector Ends to a connector, that means that a connector will be created by the Add-wizard without the option to create any connector ends. That results in an thrown RSA exception.

The lower number of Connector Ends should be set to 2 in the General UML Guidelines.
The Add-wizard should respect that number and make it possible to create 2 Connector Ends.
MMA-542 General UML guidelines

General UML Modeling Guidelines: Associations can contain other classifiers besides use-cases

The "Association" meta class can invalidly contains "Class Item"
This is a necessary exemption until association classes are supported. Currently association classes are identified as associations by MMA, and association classes are allowed to have other nested elements

The location of a referenced element is not considered when matching meta-classes representing external elements

An element must be in another model to be able to be matched with a meta-class representing an external-element
A fix of this bug may reveal new (unknown) problems in customer models.

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All bugs applies to all environments, any exemption is indicated in the Component column:

RSAOnly present when using IBM Rational Software Architect.
PapyrusOnly present when using Papyrus Modeling environment.
WindowsOnly present when running on a Windows platform.
LinuxOnly present when running on a Linux platform.
IOSOnly present when running on an Apple IOS platform.

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