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Resolved bugs

These are the bugs that have been recently resolved in MetaModelAgent. Any remaining open bugs can be found in the list of open bugs.

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Fix Vers. Key Component Summary Description
4.6.1 MMA-2699 UI Property View

Derived and readonly user-defined metaclass properties are not respected correctly

Readonly and derived properties should be readonly in the UI
4.6.1 MMA-2698 Model Validation, UI Property View

Properties with multiple values defined by a type represented by sterereotype is not correctly handled

4.6.1 MMA-2697 Guideline Reporting, UI Guidance View

Calculation of element's parent does not respect composition visibility

Calculating the parent of an element does not respect visibilty on the compositon.

If the part role is private, the subclasses of the whole element shall not be included as potential parent.
4.6.1 MMA-2696 UI Wizards

Add wizard does not respect optional association when adding a new property

If a <<property>> metaclass definition has an optional association metaclass attribute definition, the add wizard should not force the addition of the association.
4.6.1 MMA-2695 Guideline Reporting

Usage section in guidelines report does not respect usage by private metaclass

4.6.1 MMA-2685 Guideline Reporting

Metaclass interfaces that are not part of a composition themselves will not occur in the guidelines menu

4.6.1 MMA-2683 Guideline Reporting, UI Guidance View

Usage section of guideline report does not respect redefinition or properties in subclasses

The list of elements that have a reference property that referer to the current element does not respect redefinition.

Subclasses to the referer that redefines the reference property will be listed as well
4.6.1 MMA-2654 Model Reporting

Icons for elements with several stereotypes may not reflect visibility correct

4.6.1 MMA-2653 Model Reporting

Icon file name lengths for elements with several stereotypes may exceed file system limitations

4.6.1 MMA-2652 UI Property View, UI Wizards

Incorrect colors in property view and add wizard

Incorrect stereotype selection button color

Incorrect background color of widgets where values are set using dialogs
4.6.1 MMA-2650 UI Property Table View

Bulk editing in Property Table View throws exception

4.6.1 MMA-2646 UI Trace Tree View

Direction switch gives incorrect result in some situations

4.6.1 MMA-2645 UI Trace Tree View

Relation Icons missing when populating Trace Tree view trough Trace Matrix View from diagram content

4.6.1 MMA-2644 Model Validation

Activation fails if metamodel refers to a stereotype which does not exist in the profile

If the metamodel referes to a stereotype property, where the stereotype does not exist in the expected profile, an exception is raised and the activation procedure fails.

This may occur if the model has applied a profile version different from the one refered from the metamodel.
4.6.1 MMA-2634 UI Property Table View

A table cell violation color is not changed automatically when the value is edited in an pop-up editor dialog

4.6.1 MMA-2630 UI Property Table View

metaclass attribute "stereotype"'s default values are not editable in Property Table View

There is a drop-down widget with fixed values @SOME etc, but it does not allow editing
4.6.1 MMA-2629 UI Property Table View

Default values will have unknown element icon in Property Table View

Resolved in
4.6.0 MMA-2624 UI Property View

Invalid values in drop-down boxes are not visible

4.6.0 MMA-2623 UI Summary View

Summary View content is unformatted for all kind of proxy elements from analysis views

4.6.0 MMA-2617 UI Trace Tree View

Exception thrown when filter out duplicate paths in Trace Tree View

4.6.0 MMA-2616 UI Trace Matrix View

Exception thrown when invoking Trace Matrix View from Trace Tree View context menu

4.6.0 MMA-2615 UI Trace Matrix View

Incorrect behavior when cancelling filters and apply trasitive mode when filters are applied in Trace Matrix View

Matrix view is updated thus Custom Metaclass filter is cancelled and TRansitive mode does not respect applied filters
4.6.0 MMA-2607 UI Property Table View

Property Table View context menu fails when unidentified item rows are selected

4.6.0 MMA-2605 UI Property Table View

Property Table View has several shortcomings when initiated with associations from Trace Matrix View

For rows that display associations initiated from Trace Matrix View (Show Navigable Association)
- Source and target columns are empty
- Double click to navigate to explorer view does not work
- Context menu when selecting one or several rows does not work
4.6.0 MMA-2604 UI Chart View

Show in Property Table View not available in Bar Chart View when initiated from Trace Matrix View

An exception is thrown when opening the context menu for a bar
4.6.0 MMA-2602 UI Activation View

Opening the context menu in Activation View throws exception if the view is empty

4.6.0 MMA-2600 Papyrus, UI Property View

Exception thrown in MMA Property view when selecting a tree widget in a Papyrus table

MMA property Table view does not handle selection of tree widgets correct. Exception is thrown
4.6.0 MMA-2599 Model Validation

Headless validation does not work

Exception is thrown when trying to invoke headless validation
4.6.0 MMA-2595 Papyrus, UI Others

Activation Confirmation dialog will not appear if Papyrus display progress bar upon model opening

The confirmation sidalog will never be visible and the prompt for activation is not working.
This problem only occur in Papyrus 5.2 and later.
4.6.0 MMA-2594 UI Common

Suppress validation have incomplete behavior when several elements are selected

Suppress validation menu entry is disabled if two elements are selected.
Suppress validation are only applied for one of the selected elements.
4.6.0 MMA-2592 UI Property View

Defining feature property value is not visible in Property View

4.6.0 MMA-2591 UI Guidance View

Incorrect guidance for predefined metaclasses

4.6.0 MMA-2589 UI Trace Matrix View

Trace Matrix View Custom Filter does not handle derived relations correctly

If the Trace Matrix View is filled with derived references or proxy references, the Custom filter will incorrectly filter out those relations.
4.6.0 MMA-2588 UI Trace Matrix View

Trace Matrix View Custom Filter does not respect private metaclasses

If a used metamodel contains private metaclasses. eements that are instances of those metaclasses will be lost when filtering the Trace Matrix View.
4.6.0 MMA-2587 UI Wizards

Unapplicable stereotypes may occur in Add New wizard when using metamodel with unrestricted stereotype rules

Unapplicable stereotypes such as abstract stereotypes and stereotypes not extending the current metaclass may occur in the stereotype selection dialog due to bug in underlaying UML2 framework.

This can happen when the metamodel has unrestricted stereotype rules, for example when using the General UML metamodel
4.6.0 MMA-2585 UI Trace Matrix View

Unknown elements cannot be kept in Matrix View filters

4.6.0 MMA-2583 UI Property Table View

Exception thrown when invoking PropertyTable View from other views with no matching elements

4.6.0 MMA-2580 UI Summary View

Elements without a guid are not displayed in Summary View

4.6.0 MMA-2578 Metamodel templates, Papyrus

Metamodels using the metamodel architecture context can not be edited in Papyrus 2021-09

MetaModels which have been created by using the Papyrus New Model Wizard using the metamodel architecture context can not be edited in Papyrus 2021-09.

The solution is to switch the architecture context to “Software Engineering/UML”. This is done by selecting the top node of the metamodel in the Model Explorer and in the context menu select “Switch Architecture Context” and in the resulting dialog select “Software Engineering/UML”.

If you want to create a new metamodel in Papyrus 2021-09 using one of the templates provided by MetaModelAgent, use the New Model Wizard, select the “MetaModelAgent/Metamodel” architecture context and the prefered template but do not check the “Class Diagram” representation kind check box.

After the metamodel has been created, follow the steps above to switch the architecture context to “Software Engineering/UML”.

MetaModelAgent does not care if a metamodel is based on the metamodel arctitecture context or UML architecture context.

This his been registered as a bug [https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=576715|https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=576715|smart-link]
4.6.0 MMA-2576 UI Chart View, UI Property Table View

Exception is thrown when initiating Problem Bar Chart from heterogeneous selection in Property Table View

4.6.0 MMA-2563 UI Wizards

Ports must be given a non-empty name even if the metamodel does not require a name

4.6.0 MMA-2560 UI Trace Matrix View

Classcast exception when resizing matrix view after transitive mode + custom filter operation

java.lang.ClassCastException: com.adocus.mma.ui.views.matrix.datastores.TransitiveMatrixDataStore cannot be cast to com.adocus.mma.data.modelaccess.analysis.IRelationAccess
at com.adocus.mma.ui.views.matrix.datastores.FilteredTransitiveMatrixStore.getRelationAccess(FilteredTransitiveMatrixStore.java:86)
4.6.0 MMA-2557 UI Trace Matrix View

Classcast exception when selecting Referenced Classifier Filter in Transitive Mode

The view is displayed correct after the exception but the vie cells context menu entries for populating the Trace Tree View does not work
4.6.0 MMA-2553 UI Property View

Diagram viewPoint property always result in drop-down widget

4.6.0 MMA-2550 UI Activation View

Activations will not be registered if one of the involved activations will fail because of unidentifiable root element

4.6.0 MMA-2548 UI Property Table View, UI Property View

Enumerated lists of stereotypes not fully supported

Multiple stereotypes in an enumeration literal may not be matched correctly if applied stereotypes are in other order.

Enumeration of stereotypes not editable in Property Table View (No drop-downlist available)
4.6.0 MMA-2547 Model Reporting

Some library model elements has GUIDs that will not form correct file name when web published

4.6.0 MMA-2539 UI Property Table View

Only N/A filelds in Property Table View for a selection metaclass representing different variants

Property Table View will sometimes only show N/A fields for metaclass(es) representing different variants.

Resolved in build
4.5.2 MMA-2537 License Mgmt, MacOS

Host id changes for same host on MacOS depending on network, node-locked licence key can be invalid

Often this problem happens when you have sharing services enabled and are using two active ports such as Wi-Fi and Ethernet that are linked to the same network. When this happens the system may detect the two connections as individual machines that have the same name, and then try renaming the machine accordingly.

4.5.2 MMA-2530 UI Property View

User-defined item-value property type in profile is not considered in Item Selection dialog

If an item-valued user property definition in a metaclass has a narrower item definition than the referred seterotype property type, the wider item definition should be allowed in item selection dialogs when the severity is recommendation or info, or when the keywork is @ANY.

4.5.2 MMA-2529 UI Property View

Multi String properties with @ANY keyword are indicated with warnings in property value list dialog

4.5.2 MMA-2528 UI Property View

Enumerations are in several cases not treated correct in property view and add wizard

Enumeration are displayed with text widget when severity is Rec or Info. Editable drop down would be correct.
Drop-down widgets for enumerations are editable even when severity is Key or Rule.
Limited enumerations in metamodel should override enumeration in profile.
Enumeration types with OTHERS keyword does not display remaining values in drop down widget.

4.5.2 MMA-2527 Model Validation, UI Property View

Multivalue property definitions with @OTHER keyword is not correctly supported & validated

Instances of the defined type are regarded as valid instead of all values that not fulfilll the type.

4.5.2 MMA-2526 Model Validation

Enumeration property definitions with @NONE-keword is incorrect validated

4.5.2 MMA-2522 UI Property View

Profiles should be available in Item Tree Selection dialog when the context is an element within a profile

4.5.2 MMA-2521 UI Property View

Current model is not listed when selecting all available models in Item Tree Selection Dialog

4.5.2 MMA-2519 Model Validation

Exception thrown when activating a model where the metamodel has a property definition with incorrect category

4.5.2 MMA-2511 Model Validation

Constraints are not identified if the constraint metaclass has been automatically added to the metamodel

4.5.2 MMA-2497 UI Chart View, UI Property Table View

Property Table View could not be populated from Bar Chart with elements from different metaclass variants

4.5.2 MMA-2496 UI Property Table View

Property definitions within metaclass variants are not displayed in Property Table View

4.5.2 MMA-2495 UI Property Table View

Metamodell, Metaclass and Path will sometimes be unavailable in Property Table View column selection dialog

This will occur if they have been left out in a previous column selection for the same kind of element

4.5.2 MMA-2494 UI Property Table View

Metaclass and metamodel column in Property Tabel View are not sorted correctly

4.5.2 MMA-2493 Papyrus, UI Common

Displayed element icon is only taken from the first applied stereotype

If the first applied stereotype has no defined icon, the standard element icon will be displayed.

4.5.2 MMA-2486 UI Property Table View, UI Trace Matrix View

Populating Property Table View from a Interconnection Matrix cell only displays a "derived relation"

4.5.2 MMA-2478 UI Trace Matrix View

Circular filter does not work in Transitive Mode

When applying the circular filter in transitive mode, the view is empty. No connections are shown.

4.5.2 MMA-2475 UI Chart View

Tooltip in Chart View stop working

The tooltip in Chart View sometimes stop working, Hovering over a bar segment will then not show tooltip

4.5.2 MMA-2468 UI Property View

Property value tooltip not updated until Property View is updated

After entering a property value, the details of the new value do not appear in the property widgets tooltip.
The property view must be updated/refreshed before the new value appear in the tooltip.

4.5.2 MMA-2467 License Mgmt

Make Sure RSAD/RSARTE and HCL RTist is included in license order form

The order form must not display and send RSA only. as URL when order license
RSAD, RSARTE and HCL RTist should be sent, or the specific one of those.

4.5.2 MMA-2466 UI Trace Matrix View

Long target labels not truncated in Matrix View

Labels for target elements without visible scope are never truncated in Trace Matrix View
The labels have previously (v4.5.0) been truncated when the height of the view is limited.

4.5.1 MMA-2459 General UML guidelines, Papyrus

Incorrect association end labels in General UML Guidelines for Papyrus

The labels for several association ends are swaped in the diagrams in the General UML Guidelines metamodel for Papyrus. The underlying model is correct, but the display of association end labels, e.g. multiplicity and name have been swaped. Users of the model will be confused.
4.5.1 MMA-2457 General UML guidelines, Papyrus

Profile diagrams do not allow profiles when using General Modeling Guidelines

If a profile diagram display the profile element, an error is reported as invalid diagram content.
4.5.1 MMA-2455 UI Chart View

Tooltip on horizontal labels in bar chart does not respect diagonal labels

Wrong tooltips are displayed due to diagonal labels.
4.5.1 MMA-2454 General UML guidelines, Papyrus

Redefinition context should be removed from General UML Guidelines for Papyrus

Redefinition context is not available in the advanced tab of the standard property view in Papyrus and should therefore not be available in the General UML Guidelines for Papyrus
4.5.1 MMA-2453 RSA, UI Wizards

Closed metamodels in workspace could not be retrieved in the New Model Wizard when using RSAD and RSARTE

If a closed metamodel from the workspace is selected in the New Model Wizard. That metamodel will not be opened and cannot therefor be used for the new model.
The workaround is to open the metamodel in workspace prior to invoking the New Model wizard.
4.5.1 MMA-2448 Guideline Reporting

Incorrect diagram section on guidelines web pages if referrered metaclasses has mixed submetaclass categories

If a diagram metaclass has a shared aggregation to a metaclass that have sub-metaclasses of mixed categories (e.g. elements, relations). None of the metaclasses in the inheritance hierarchy will be listed as potential diagram content.
4.5.1 MMA-2447 General UML guidelines, Papyrus, UI Diagram & Palette

Metamodels based on General UML Guidelines do not allow all kind of elements in static diagrams

All elements should be allowed as nodes on static diagrams.
But only packagable elements should be available in the palette.
4.5.1 MMA-2443 Guideline Reporting, RSA, UI Wizards

Some registered but unloaded UML profiles cannot be found by MetaModelAgent

Profiles registered using pathmaps defined by extensionpoint "org.eclipse.gmf.runtime.emf.core.Pathmaps" cannot be load because the pathmap definition is not resolved correctly.

This holds for some built-in profiles in RSAD.
The effect is the creation of new models using those profiles fails and publishing guidelines only using those profile failes, as long those profile has not unready have been loaded caused by reference from some other model.
4.5.1 MMA-2434 UI Common

Html-encoding is visible in some tooltips if the metamodel elements contains special characters

4.5.1 MMA-2428 Model Reporting, RSA, UI Property View, UI Summary View

Comments are not regarded as documentation if model lacks application of "Default" profile

4.5.1 MMA-2426 General UML guidelines

General UML Guidelines does not support stereotype, keyword and documentation property for some relationships

The elements that not have stereotype, keyword and documentation properties defined are; Generalizations, Element Import, Package Import, Package Merge, Protocol Conformance, Template Binding,
4.5.1 MMA-2422 Model Validation

User defined stereotype "Standard" conflicts with built-in reserved word

The word "Standard" is used internally in MMA to dentotes a standard property for a UML element.
That leads to a conflict resulting in a reported error when the word "Standard" is used for a stereotype containing user-defined properties.
4.5.1 MMA-2421 UI Property View

Accessing defining feature of a slot may cause a runtime exception

This bug was introduced in v4.5.0 build 005.
Resolved in v4.5.0 build 007.
4.5.1 MMA-2418 Model Reporting, UI Summary View

Consecutive spaces in element documentation are displayed with visible &nbsp; encoding

Resolved in v4.5.0 build 007.
4.5.1 MMA-2417 Model Reporting, RSA, UI Common, UI Summary View

User-defined element icons not defined in profile will not be displayed in UI views or generated web

Some profiles extended deployed in a plugin will have their icons defined programmatically instead of in the profile. These icons will not be displayed in MMA UI.
4.5.1 MMA-2415 UI Property Table View, UI Property View

User-defined properties with element as type cannot be set if the property type is an inherited stereotype

Resolved in v4.5.0 build 007.
4.5.1 MMA-2413 UI Property View

User-defined properties with element as type cannot be unset

Pressing the delete bottom \[X] has only temporary effect in the view but the reference to the element is not removed in the model.

Resolved in v4.5.0 build 007.
4.5.1 MMA-2407 Model Validation

The most specific metaclass is not selected when there are several that matches an element

The most specialized metaclass in an generalization hierarchy should be selected.

When a contrete (super)metaclass is referred that has overlapping submetaclasses. The supermetaclass is incorrectly selected. This bug was introduced in 4.5.0 build 005.

Resolved in v4.5.0 build 007.
4.5.1 MMA-2394 General UML guidelines, Papyrus

Papyrus freezes when a diagram in General UML Guidelines metamodel is enlarged

This might be problematic when the metamodel is used as a template for a new metamodel
The reason might be that the diagram originally was created for Papyrus 2.x
4.5.1 MMA-2388 UI Property Table View

Exception thrown when bringing up context menu from Property Table View containing unidentified items

This occur when initiating Property Table View from Chart View with a bar that represents unidentified items
4.5.1 MMA-2372 UI Trace Matrix View

Some none-circular connections remains when circular filter is applied in Trace Matrix View

4.5.1 MMA-2371 UI Trace Matrix View

Legend is not updated when circular filter is activated

The legend shows number of relations prior to the filter is activated.
4.5.0 MMA-2377 License Mgmt

Web publishing not available with FREE license

When trying to publish a model being activated using a FREE license, the insufficient license dialog pops up and indicates that you already have an activated model
4.5.0 MMA-2369 UI Property View

Renaming elements using standard UI when MMA Property View is opened causes rollback

Changing element names using standard property view, diagram editor or model explorer causes the previous name to be set again. It appears like a rollback.
4.5.0 MMA-2367 Linux, UI Trace Matrix View

Matrix table not aligned with target headings in some Linux environments

The difference in font size in different environments has led to the matrix not being aligned to the vertical target labels.
4.5.0 MMA-2366 Linux, UI Property View

Check boxes for boolean property values are not visible in some Linux environments

In Ubuntu Linux, the checkbox is not visible, however it shows the check-icon when checked.
4.5.0 MMA-2365 UI Trace Tree View

Trace Tree View shows incorrect content when initated from derived content in Trace Matrix View

4.5.0 MMA-2364 UI Trace Tree View

Icons are missing and execption is thrown for multiple relations in Trace Tree View

This issue occurs when the Trace Tree View is initated from the Trace Matrix View in transitive mode.
4.5.0 MMA-2363 Linux, UI Guidance View, UI Summary View

Incorrect formatting in some embedded web browsers

If the text to be displayed contain special characters, the formatting provided by CSS will not be applied. This has been detected in OpenSUSE 15.0
4.5.0 MMA-2351 UI Problem View

Same metamodel problem occurs multiple times in Problem View

4.5.0 MMA-2344 Papyrus, UI Property Table View

Elements deleted using property table view context menu will still remain as incorrect nodes in diagrams

4.5.0 MMA-2336  

Nested unidentified element is still registered as activated even when root element has been inactivated

Steps to reproduce:

# Activate a model that contains an unclassified element.
# Inactivate the model
# Select the unclassified element
# Open MetaModelAget->Acivate and you will see that the unclassified element is still checked as activated
4.5.0 MMA-2334 Model Reporting

Web publish hyperlinks that populate both frames in one click does not work in some browsers

This holds at least for Firefox when the published web site is accessed locally.
The solution is to redesign so that only one frame at a time is updated
4.5.0 MMA-2332 UI Guidance View

Explorer navigation from Guidance View fails in several situations

The navigation (by pressing the explorer button) do not works for metaclasses that have been displayed by following a hyperlink or the back button in the Guidance View.
The navigation do not work for pages displaying the metamodel either.
4.5.0 MMA-2330 UI Property View

Dependency target could not be cleared using MMA Property View

4.5.0 MMA-2325 UI Wizards

Adding an association or one of its subclasses using General UML Guidelines opens the Change Wizard

When drag & drop of Association, Extension or Communication path fom palette to diagram. If preference automatic change is set, the change wizard is shown where you once again have to select the correct metaclass.
This should not be needed.
4.5.0 MMA-2322 Model Reporting

Connectors within a behavior classifier web page has same source and target

4.5.0 MMA-2319 UI Wizards

There is an incorrect built-in rule that the name of Property-elements must be non-empty

The UI wizards indicates an error if the name is left empty.
4.5.0 MMA-2317 Model Validation

Directed relationship with multiple sources are not identified

4.5.0 MMA-2316 Model Reporting

Exception thrown in web publisher if there are references to unloaded/unsolved enumeration literals

4.5.0 MMA-2308 UI Trace Matrix View, UI Trace Tree View

Populating Matrix View or Trace Tree View with potential activity flows for activities lacking a start node throws exception

4.5.0 MMA-2302 UI Property Table View, UI Property View

Control Flow & Object Flows guards and weight properties have an obsolete item selection button

The guard and weight property should only have editable text fields.
4.5.0 MMA-2299 UI Diagram & Palette

Exception thrown in Diagram palette

Error message: java.lang.IllegalStateException: IWorkbenchSite.getShell() was called after part disposal:
4.5.0 MMA-2298 UI Property View

Signature could not be cleared from Message when using MMA Property View

4.5.0 MMA-2296 UI Wizards

MMA-Add wizard does not support adding Combined Fragments, Gates & InteractionUse to an Interaction

4.5.0 MMA-2293 UI Trace Matrix View

Trace Matrix View columns do not support icon width other than 16 pixels

If the icon has a different width than 16. The width of the columns in the first header row will not match the column width in the other rows
This is the case when populating the Matrix View with control flows from an BPMN activity diagram.

Each column width should be adjusted to the actual width of the icon or the icon should be cropped to fit 16px
4.5.0 MMA-2292 UI Trace Tree View

Object nodes in activities are invalidly reported in outgoing trace tree view starting from the activity

When populating the Trace Tree View from an activity containg object nodes, the object nodes are reported as being relationships/references and the element column displays "non-existing element".
4.5.0 MMA-2291 UI Trace Tree View

Exceptions thrown when populating tree view with Potential flow paths if the activity contains activity partitions

If MetaModelAgent->Show in Trace Tree View -> Outgoing Relations -> Potential flow paths is selected on an initial node within a partition then an com.adocus.mma.ui.views.common.ViewSourceException is thrown

4.5.0 MMA-2290 API

API-method com.adocus.mma.api.getUmlMetaClass() throws exception if the element has not been classified

4.5.0 MMA-2266 UI Chart View

Incorrect result in scatter chart and related elements bar chart when relation distance are set to limited

This occur when the distance is set to 3 or more but still limited and there are different relationship paths that shares the same node on different distances from the start element.
4.5.0 MMA-2254 UI Property View

"No more handles" exception thrown when both standard Property View and MMA Property View is opened

Exception is thrown the selecting a widget in MetaModelAgent tab of standard Property View when the MMA property view is open as well.
4.5.0 MMA-2253 UI Wizards

Wizards have not scrolling capabilities when there are many properties to display

The scrolling capabilities in wizrads that existed in MMA 4.3.x does not work any more,
4.5.0 MMA-2241 UI Property Table View

The cell color in Property Table View is not always automatically updated when property value is changed in a cell text field

The background color should change automatically to indicate a invalid property value or that a problem is solved by the new proeprty value. Currently you will have to refresh the view to update the colors
4.5.0 MMA-2238 UI Common

Exception is thrown if a metamodel refers to a stereotype that does not exist in the referred profile

4.5.0 MMA-2237 UI Trace Matrix View

Matrix View could not be invoked from metaclass packages or metamodel root

Show in Matrix View is always disabled in the context menu when a metaclass package or a metamodel root is selected
4.5.0 MMA-2211 Guideline Reporting, Model Reporting

Invalid thread access when looking up workspace profile during model and metamodel reporting

This occur when publishing is done directly after loading+activation

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Open confirmed bugs

The bugs in the list are all reported and confirmed. Any major bug will be resolved in the next upcoming release.

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Key Component Summary Description
MMA-2702 UI Trace Tree View

Link to selection does not respect incoming relations mode

The Trace Tree View will display outgoing relations when “Link to selection” button is pushed, even if the current selection is incoming relations
MMA-2670 Papyrus, UI Property View

Setting the diagram viewkind to empty causes a corrupt diagram

If the view kind property is left empty in the diagram add wizard, therer will be a popup dialog indicating that the diagram could not be created. The diagram will however be created but not correctly initiated.

This means that the General UML guidelines in Papyrus could not be used to create diagrams using the MMA Add wizard
MMA-2669 User Documentation

Incorrect documentation of Invisible classifiers

MMA-2661 UI Property Table View

Associations between unknown associations gives empty rows when populating property Table View from Trace Matrix View

MMA-2657 Metamodel validation, UML-RT

Parameters within RT protocols events are not supported

MMA-2639 UI Property Table View

Property Table View columns sorter does not always gives expected result

The property values are in some cases adjusted before being displayed in the cells. The sorting algorithm does not respect these adjustments.
MMA-2571 UI Common

Element types that are not longer used in the model occur in MetaModelAgent context menus

Add an actor to A model and thereafter delete it so the model no longer contains any actor.
Select MetaModelAgent->Show in Property Table View and you will see that actor remains as a selectable element kind.
MMA-2546 Model Reporting

Web published Search indexes do not include content from referred submodels

MMA-2545 Model Reporting

Web published help page is not available in navigation pane for included submodels

In the navigation pane for a refered submodel included as part of webpublishing of a model, the help button leads to a missing page

The correect help page address should be: file:///<root>/content/help.html#explorer
The incorrect address generated is: file:///<root/help/help.html#explorer
MMA-2542 Model Validation, UI Property View

User Defined Properties with unsupported type are not supported

If a user-defined stereotype property has an unsupported element type as Type (for example ValueSpecification, no value will validate correct. As there is no way to represent the expected value in the metamodel.

There is no way to enter such a value using MMA property View as well.
MMA-2412 Model Reporting, Papyrus

Papyrus diagrams created in older versions are published with invalid views

Papyrus diagrams created in older versions of Payrus and not currently open in diagram editor is published with invalid views.

The workaround is to “touch” each diagram, save and reopen the model.
MMA-2386 Model Validation, UI Activation View

Referring JRE System Library elements in RSAD is very slow

Trying to activate an open instance of "JRE System Library", takes very long time.Trying to open an item selection dialog where the current value is a JRE System Library element is slow.
The problem is not related to MMA. It is the access of model elements that takes time.

It seems that the JRE-jar - library is reversed incrementally when accessing some of its content.
MMA-2385 Model Validation

Models generated upon model openingen will be duplicated in the Activation View's Activation popup-dialog

This holds for "JRE System Library" in RSAD where that model is created based on JAR-files when a model referring it will be opened.

It may be impossible to control this as there actually might be double models internally with different object id:s
MMA-2318 UI Wizards

Property values get lost in Change Wizard when drag & drop from explorer view to diagram node

MMA-2280 Model Validation

Adding a nested model does not automatically activate this nested model and it will be unclassified

This will hold both if the nested model is created by MMA Add wizard or by using the build in add UML submenu.
MMA-2274 UI Property View

Entered property values remains after rollback caused by rejecting set a model as writeable

When a property is edited for an element in a read-only model, a confirmation dialog occurs that let you switch to writeable mode. If you cancel that option, the old property value should replace the new one.
MMA-2228 Papyrus, UI Problem View

Concurrent modification exception when switching between activated models in different editing domains

MMA-2224 Model Reporting

Unloaded submodels may give warnings of overlapping IDs in web publish

MMA-2156 UI Trace Matrix View

Eclipse session ends when there is too many relationship targets to be displayed in the Trace Matrix View

The vertical target labels are currently generated images. The exception says "no more handles" indicating run out of UI resources. Limit the max number of targets to be display or redesign the target labels
MMA-2140 UI Problem View

Problem view filter "item+childs" gives incomplete result when applied to a package containg nested models

MMA-2136 License Mgmt

FREE License insufficient when moving a block of elements within an activated model

Workaround is to temporary inactivate MetaModelAGent during moving of several elements.
MMA-1910 General UML guidelines

Metaclass Structured Activity Node occurs twice in metamodel General UML Modeling guidelines

MMA-1897 Imposer, Model Validation, Papyrus

MMA does not react on model changes in a model managed by CDO initiated by another CDO session

Running two simultaneous CDO sessions and changing the model in one of the session, does not initate a revalidation of the model in the other session. Any added model element will be unclassified by MMA
MMA-1803 Model Validation, UI Property View

Lower limit of multi-valued user defined properties are not validated

A lower limit of 1 for example is not reported as invalid, not by color in the MMA Property view or by an entry in the MMA Problem View
MMA-1793 Model Reporting, PapyrusRT

Fallback filenames are used for some RT-elements when publishing an PapyrusRT model using PapyrusRT RCP

The standard way to retrieve the UUID, Resource.getURIFragment(element) does not work for all RT-specifik element types when running the RCP-installation of Papyrus.
If so, files with encryptic file names are generated instead of UUID-based file names.
MMA-1768 Guideline Reporting

An invalid thread access exception occurs first time an unloaded profile is refered

This exception does not affect the resulting guideline web.
MMA-1748 Model Reporting, Papyrus

Invalid thread access exception sometimes in web publish

Invalid thread access occurs sometimes when executing web publisher. This seems to occur randomly. A temporary fix has been made by catching the exception, but this bug is still open waiting for a permanent fix.
Work around that have proven successful is to restart the tool and redo the model pubslishing.
MMA-1747 Model Reporting

Publish documentation failure sometimes when reusing output folder

Exceptions has been detected a few times when publishing once more into an existing folder. This have not been reproducable in test environments.
Work around may be to clean the target folder or use another target folder.

MMA-1723 Model Reporting

The order of ordered nested elements are not preserved in web publish

The order of parameters are semantically significant and must be preserved. The same is for Pins and for nested properties (e.g. qualifiers)
These elements should therefor always be listed in original order as stored in the model.
MMA-1700 Model Reporting

Inherited elements from other activations are presented with the other activation´s metaclass

If an element inherit another element, for example a property, the other element has a metaclass from the metamodel from the other activation.
In such a case the element should be presented in some special way
If both the activations uses the same metamodel, the elements shoould be grouped under the same heading in the nested element section.
MMA-1556 UI Wizards

The preference setting "Show only editable pages in wizards" is not respected for the first Add wizard page

Add wizard should not be showned when adding an element or relationships by selecting two elements, if there are no editable properties and the preference setting is set to hide non-editable pages.
MMA-1539 Model Validation, Papyrus

Associations are reported as invalid elements if there are permitAll operations allowing any association ends

To remove the invalid reported problem, a manual refresh (reactivation) must be made.
Even afterwards and also in RSA when selecting such an association, a message in the GuidanceView says that the element could not be identified
MMA-1485 Metamodel validation

Metaclass comparison reports invalid errors when constant default values are used in combination with enumeration types in metaclass attributes

When two metaclass attributes are compared and they have different fixed default values but the same enumeration as types. They are invalidly reported as overlapping as the default values are not respected.

The bug is related to the compareEnumTypes() method in class MetaClassComparison.

MMA-1278 Imposer, RSA

Adding a Capsule using RSA RTE UI when Change Wizard is enabled causing an "Invalid model modification" dialog to appear

Adding a Capsule using RSA RTE UI automatically add some nested elements as well.
This is very difficult to fix because the EMF Transaction framework reports the added elements in a reverse order, making it impossible for MMA to identify the added elements correctly.

One solution would be to detect that there is nested elements to a capsule being created and disable the change wizard upon this fact.

This behavior may occur in other situations as well where several elements are added using a single operation.
MMA-1255 General UML guidelines, Metametamodel

ExpansionRegion, LoopNode, ConditionNode and SequenceNode are handled as StructureActivityNodes

Their stereotypes are already defined in the MMA profile, but they are not suppported in the code, Metametamodel and General UML Guidelines metamodel.

There are a lot of properties for these elements to be added also. Those are supported by Papyrus property view but not RSA

ConditionNode: Is_Determninate, Is_Assured, (Clause), Result

Expansion Region: Mode - Expansion Kind, input, output
MMA-1241 UI Property View

Item selection dialog button for Slot value property need sometimes to be pressed twice before the dialog appear

If the defining feature has been changed the item selection dialog for slot value has to be pushed twice
The problem occur because the widgets are redrawn when the defining feature lost focus. At that point the push button listener is not yet registered.
MMA-1092 Papyrus

Automation is not always automatically enabled on a model that have been created

When a model is created and MMA has the preference setting "Always activation". MMA tries to do the activation Before the editing domain is available. Automation is therefore not initialized. Activation must therefore be made manually.
MMA-1009 MMA Profile

The stereotype 'templatebinding' in the MMA-profile used in metamodels is misspelt

The correct name should be 'templateBinding' with an uppercase B.
MMA-976 UI Property View

MMA Property View is not automatically updated when a property value is changed in some other view or editor

An automatic update would be the expected behavior But that may make the MMA Property View obsolete if it affects key-properties. In such a case the classification might change forcing a complete switch of the view content or that the view should be empty (base on that the element could not be classified). This bug needs more investigation and consequence analysis.
MMA-803 Metamodel validation

Circular <<key>> references in a metamodel leads to an inifinte loop upon activation

This might be detected if a test model can be automatically genererated from a metamodel
MMA-564 General UML guidelines

UML Connectors could not be created using the General UML Guidelines

The current UML General Guidelines does not have 2 as a lower number of Connector Ends to a connector, that means that a connector will be created by the Add-wizard without the option to create any connector ends. That results in an thrown RSA exception.

The lower number of Connector Ends should be set to 2 in the General UML Guidelines.
The Add-wizard should respect that number and make it possible to create 2 Connector Ends.
MMA-542 General UML guidelines

General UML Modeling Guidelines: Associations can contain other classifiers besides use-cases

The "Association" meta class can invalidly contains "Class Item"
This is a necessary exemption until association classes are supported. Currently association classes are identified as associations by MMA, and association classes are allowed to have other nested elements
MMA-498 Model Validation

The location of a referenced element is not considered when matching meta-classes representing external elements

An element must be in another model to be able to be matched with a meta-class representing an external-element
A fix of this bug may reveal new (unknown) problems in customer models.

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All bugs applies to all environments, any exemption is indicated in the Component column:

RSAOnly present when using IBM RSAD/RSARTE or HCL RTist.
PapyrusOnly present when using Eclipse Papyrus.
WindowsOnly present when running on a Windows platform.
LinuxOnly present when running on a Linux platform.
IOSOnly present when running on an Apple IOS platform.

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