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Installation of Eclipse Papyrus

Papyrus is an open-source application for the Eclipse environment. Papyrus can be installed in several different ways:

  • Using a pre-build Papyrus distribution which include the Eclipse environment.
  • Install Papyrus as an addon to an already installed Eclipse environment.

This instruction describes the first way only.

Install the pre-build Papyrus together with Eclipse platform

This distribution does not include include Java which is needed to run Papyrus. Java JDK must therefor be installed as a first step_

  1. Download and decompress Open Java Development Kit, OpenJDK 11 from the Open JDK 11 download page for your operating system or install some other JDK 11 distribution.
  2. Download and decompress Eclipse Papyrus for your operating system from the Papyrus download page.
  3. Open the papyrus.ini file that comes with Papyrus in a text editor and add a reference to the Java JDK to be used, by adding the following two lines before the line starting with -vmargs:

    <JDK 11 install directory>\bin\javaw.exe

    (in Linux and MacOS the filename is java only)

After Papyrus has been installed and the papyrus.ini file has been adjusted. Papyrus can be started by double clicking on the papyrus.exe file (The filename is papyrus only in Linux and MacOS environment) and installation of MetaModelAgent can continue as described on the Get Started page.