Accelerated Modeling in an Agile World

Basic edition for standard UML modeling, €99

(30-days evaluation license available)

Do you understand UML?
MetaModelAgent provides built-in knowledge about the UML language. You will have complete UML guidelines on all concepts right in front of you within the tool in when doing modeling.
Are you efficient in your modeling?
MetaModelAgent gives you context-sensitive wizards and property views that makes your UML-modeling effort more efficient than ever before.
Are your models consistent?
MetaModelAgent comes with unique table and matrix views that provides context sensitive overviews and simplifies overall model analysis.
How do you communicate externally?
MetaModelAgent contains a web publisher that produces comprehensive web sites of your models with extensive cross-references never seen in a model web publisher.

Standard edition for domain-specific modeling, €399

(30-days evaluation license available)

Do you rely on written guidelines?
MetaModelAgent lets you easily define your own domain-specific modeling language (DSML) based on UML, using a powerful formal metamodel-notation which guarantees correctness.
Does UML still show up?
MetaModelAgent offers your users a domain-specific user interface with wizards and views based on your DSML, hiding insignificant UML concepts and details.
Does model quality matter?
MetaModelAgent continuously monitor and supervise model editing, ensuring that models being created are consistent with your DSML.
External stakeholders to satisfy?
MetaModelAgent produces astonishing DSML-aligned web sites of your models for anyone to view, omitting the underlying UML-representation.

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Built on Eclipse