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MetaModelAgent Update Site for Papyrus v2.x

This URL (http://www.metamodelagent.com/update/papyrus_v2) is an Eclipse Update Site that holds public releases of MetaModelAgent extension for Eclipse Papyrus v2.x.

The main update site is located at http://www.metamodelagent.com/update.


To Install MetaModelAgent you need to have your Eclipse-based modeling tool running:

  1. Select Help->Install new Software.
  2. Press Add... to open the Add Repository dialog.
  3. Copy one of the URL:S in bold above and paste it into the Location field in the Add Repository dialog and press OK.
  4. You will then find all editions and releases of MetaModelAgent in the list view.
  5. Select an edition/version for your environment press Next to continue installation in you own environment.

For more information on MetaModelAgent installation and licensing, see get started.

Eclipse Software Installation Screenshot

Open and Resolved bugs

There are still some open bugs in the latest release, these open bugs and all bugs resolved in the latest releases are listed on the Open & resolved bugs page.