Resolved bugs

This is a list of all resolved bugs in MetaModelAgent. This list is updated for each new public release.

All bugs applies to all environments, any exemptions are indicated in the Component column:

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Fix Version/s Key Component/s Summary Description
4.2.1 MMA-1762 Papyrus, UI Wizards

Models created in nested folders using MMA create model wizard is being corrupt

When creating a model in a nested folder in a project, a popup-dialog appear saying that "your model is corrup, invalid links have been found".

The workaround is to create the model in the project´s root folder and then afterwards move the model resources into the subfolder.

4.2.1 MMA-1760 Guideline Reporting, Papyrus, UI Guidance View

Custom icon presentation fails sometimes if metamodel specifies several stereotypes for an element

If a metamodel contains a metaclass that requires more than one mandatory stereotypes, Custom-defined icons for the stereotypes may not be shown in the MMA Guidance View and generated guidelines web.
The bug is only visual and does not affect creating or editing models using MetaModelAgent
4.2.1 MMA-1758 Model Reporting

PrintOut function does not respect preference settings nor licens mode

The print out features does not respect hide fixed property setting and the license mode.
It does not either sort the properties in alpabetic order.
4.2.1 MMA-1754 UI Property Table View

Integer property values are sorted in alphabetic order in MMA Property Table View

4.2.1 MMA-1753  

Externalized metamodel enumeration literals are not sorted correctly

The literals within an externalized file are expected to show up in the same order as defined and not in alphabetic order
4.2.1 MMA-1749 Model Reporting

"Hide fixed values" setting in web publish is not respected

The setting "Hide fixed values" which should control wheter fixed key property values should be published or not does not work. Fixed key properties are published even if this setting is chcked. This bug seems to have been introduced in v4.2.0.
4.2.1 MMA-1746 Model Reporting, Model Validation, UI Property View

Multi-valued property values of primitive types is not retrieved from model

Multiple valued property values are not read correctly from model. This affects the MMA Property View, Model validation and model publishing. This bug seems to have been introduced in MMA v4.1.4
4.2.1 MMA-1745 Model Reporting

Each diagram heading is listed once more without content on the web publish print-out page

The print out page of a published model contains an extra list of diagram headers at the end of each section. This also holds for diagrams in nested elements
4.2.1 MMA-1743 UI Property View

Exception thrown when showing an association with undefined end in the MMA property view

4.2.1 MMA-1739 General UML guidelines

Metaclasses with @SUPER keyword as part of the documentation may accidentally include the description of a constraint

Metaclasses that has @SUPER keyword as part of the documentation will incorrectly include the description of a constraint if they can hold constraints and there is no explicit constraint definition in the metamodel
This holds for some metaclasses even in the General UML Guidelines, for example OpaqueAction
4.2.1 MMA-1738 Model Reporting, Papyrus

Hyperlinks added to elements in a diagram are not available if the element is outside the publishing scope

4.2.1 MMA-1737 Model Reporting, Papyrus, UI Others

Property value-controlled stereotype icons in Papyrus is not supported

A stereotype in Papyrus may have several icons defined, A boolean expression refering to stereotype properties stored in each image/icon element controls if the icon should be used or not.

This behavior should be supported in the UI and web-publish result of MMA.
4.2.1 MMA-1736 UI Property View

Exception sometimes occur when switching to current activation in element selection dialog

This seems to occur if there is no currently selected element and no selectable element either
4.2.1 MMA-1732 Model Reporting, Papyrus

Hyperlink hovering popup does not always close when exiting the popup area

Sometimes you must move the cursor far below the popup hover window to Close it. The problem is related to an incorrect CSS-setting
4.2.1 MMA-1728 UI Property View

Rich-text widget content does not updates automatically when the popup-editor is in plain-text mode

If the widget presenting documentation is a rich-text widget (i.e embedded web browser) and the popup dialog editor is a plain-text editor, the content of the rich-text editor will not update automatically when the popupdialog is closed. However the edited text is stored in the model even if it is not displayed in the rich-text widget
4.2.1 MMA-1714 General UML guidelines, Metametamodel, Papyrus

Diagram root element property not respected by MMA diagram palette

The root element property of a diagram in Papyrus, Controls where elements added using the palette are created.
MMA does not respect this property. Currenttly, elements added using the MMA palette is created within the owner of the diagram.
4.2.1 MMA-1669 General UML guidelines

Actions are not allowed in Interactions

When using the built-in General UML Guidelines, errors are reported in MMA Problem View for actions nested in Interactions
Actions can neither be added to interactions when using a custom metamodel
4.2.1 MMA-1395 Guideline Reporting, Papyrus

Stereotype icons are not always published when doing "Publish Guidelines" if the profile is not already loaded in the same editing domain

The workaround is to do the guideline reporting through the model reporting
4.2.1 MMA-1328 Papyrus, UI Wizards

Behavior diagrams cannot be created within structured classifiers

When a behavior diagram is added to a structured classifier, the diagram is created but a strange Icon is displayed in the model Explorer.
One reason may be that the context is not set.
Therefore addition of behavior diagrams to structured classifiers have been revoked from MMA.
4.2.1 MMA-1296 Model Validation

"Continue after error" preference setting behavior does not respect classifier childs

If the setting is true, any package hiearchy is parsed for nested classifiers. All packages in the hierarchy may be considered unknown and parsing will still continue.
Classifier hierarchires are however not further parsed, even when the setting is true.
If the setting is false. all nested packages are invalidly reported as unknown packages. Nested packages should not be parsed.

The expected behavior should be consistent when both package and classifier hierarchies are parsed. .
4.2.1 MMA-1240 Model Validation, UI Property View

@INSTANCE keyword in property definitions is not respected when the type is a primitive type

For example in attributes: The default value shall comply to the type, e.g. only true and false are valid for Boolean type.
4.2.1 MMA-1090 Papyrus

State machine diagrams created by MMA gives exceptions when editing afterwords

State machine diagrams created by MMA contains a state machine that gives exceptions when resized. The diagram is not completly created.
4.2.1 MMA-1088 Papyrus

Diagram is not correctly deleted when removed using quick fix in Problem View

4.2.1 MMA-950  

Enumeration with only one literal in the metamodel invalidly results in an editable text widget in wizards and property views

4.2.1 MMA-568  

Loaded models deployed in a plug-in may be activated by MMA

It should not be possible to activate a model that is deployed in a plugin in RSA.
This is a correct behavior in Papyrus as the loaded model is visible in the model explorer
4.2.1 MMA-553  

Changes in the metamodel is not reflected when re-activating MMA by use of the tool button in the tool bar

Reactivation MMA by use of the tool button in the tool bar should result in an activation using a re-parsed metamodel.
4.2.0 MMA-1726 UI Property View

Clicking on a problem in the MMA Problem View will update the MMA property View incorrectly

(Resolved in v4.2.0 build 008)
Clicking on a problem in the MMA Problem View will update the MMA property View incorrectly, the view will not be set to empty before being refreshed. Clicking on an element somewhere else in the workspace will restore the MMA Problem View correctly.
4.2.0 MMA-1725 UI Problem View, UI Property View

Closing the MMA Property View will give exceptions when clicking on a problem in the MMA Problem View

(Resolved in v4.2.0 build 008)
The bug occurs only when the MMA Property View (not the standard property view) is open and then is closed.
When clicking on some of the problems in the problem view after the MMA Property View has been closed, an exception is raised.

The only way to avoid these exceptions when clicking on a problem will be to restart the Papyrus session.
As long as the MMA property view is not closed during the session (or not opened at all) the exception will not occur.

This bug does not affect the usage of the standard property view at all. The only way to get the exception is to close an already opened MMA Property View.
4.2.0 MMA-1710 UI Others

"No more handles" exception is thrown after some time of running MMA functionality

There are memory leaks related to the usage of the SWT-library.
4.2.0 MMA-1697 Papyrus, UI Others

Enumerations and Primitive types could not be added to profile diagrams using MMA Quick fix

4.2.0 MMA-1696 Papyrus, UI Others

Interfaces could not be added to component diagrams using MMA quick fix

4.2.0 MMA-1695 Papyrus, UI Others

Models could not be added to diagrams using MMA quick fix

4.2.0 MMA-1694 UI Others

Missing icon for StartObjectBehaviorAction

4.2.0 MMA-1685  

NLS warning messages appear when starting MMA

NLS warning messages appear in some environments and circumstances when starting MMA
4.2.0 MMA-1683 Papyrus, UI Others

MMA not consistent with Papyrus stereotype icon presentation principle

Papyrus Always displays the Icon from the first applied stereotype. If the first stereotype have no Icon associated, the standard Icon is displayed.
MMA displays the Icon from the first applied stereotype that has a defined Icon. If none of the applied stereotypes has an Icon, the standard Icon is displayed.
4.2.0 MMA-1682 Papyrus, UI Others

Package Diagrams cannot be created using MMA Add wizard in Papyrus 2.0

When trying to create a package diagram using the Add Wizard, a class diagram is being created. This problem is limited to Papyrus 2.0 only.
4.2.0 MMA-1678 Model Reporting

Large models and limited memory on 32bit hosts may result in out of memory when publish model report

The model reporting feature will stop when publishing the print out page. THe property reference pages will then not be published
4.2.0 MMA-1673 Model Reporting, RSA

Foreign (non-UML) elements on UML diagrams may throw exception in Web publisher

This holds for example for Java-classes that have been dragged&dropped into class diagrams.
4.2.0 MMA-1671 UI Property View

Changing the value of a literal creates a new literal

Changing a literal value results in a new literal being created. All properties of the existing literal will be lost.

The correct behavior should be that the same literal element should be kept and only its value should be changed, as long as the new value results in the same kind of literal.
4.2.0 MMA-1652 Model Validation

Extensions are incorrectly identified as associations

When activating MMA for a UML profile: Extension relationships between a stereotype and a UML metaclass is invalidly identified as an association instead of as an extension.