Open confirmed bugs

This is a list of all open bugs in MetaModelAgent v4.2.0. This list is updated whenever a new bug is confirmed or a bug is resolved in a new release.

All bugs applies to all environments, any exemptions are indicated in the Component column:

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Key Component/s Summary Description
MMA-1748 Model Reporting, Papyrus

Invalid thread access exception sometimes in web publish

Invalid thread access occurs sometimes when executing web publisher. This seems to occur randomly. A temporary fix has been made by catching the exception, but this bug is still open waiting for a permanent fix.
Work around that have proven successful is to restart the tool and redo the model pubslishing.
MMA-1747 Model Reporting

Publish documentation failure sometimes when reusing output folder

Exceptions has been detected a few times when publishing once more into an existing folder. This have not been reproducable in test environments.
Work around may be to clean the folder or use another folder.

MMA-1723 Model Reporting

The order of ordered nested elements are not preserved in web publish

The order of parameters are semantically significant and must be preserved. The same is for Pins and for nested properties (e.g. qualifiers)
These elements should therefor always be listed in original order as stored in the model.
MMA-1700 Model Reporting

Inherited elements from other activations are presented with the other activation´s metaclass

If an element inherit another element, for example a property, the other element has a metaclass from the metamodel from the other activation.
In such a case the element should be presented in some way
If both the activations uses the same metamodel, the elements shoould be grouped under the same heading in the nested element section.
MMA-1556 UI Wizards

The preference setting "Show only editable pages in wizards" is not respected for the first Add wizard page

Add wizard should not be showned when adding an element or relationships by selecting two elements, if there are no editable properties and the preference setting is set to hide non-editable pages.
MMA-1539 Model Validation, Papyrus

Associations are reported as invalid elements if there are permitAll operations allowing any association ends

To remove the invalid reported problem, a manual refresh (reactivation) must be made.
Even afterwards and also in RSA when selecting such an association, a message in the GuidanceView says that the element could not be identified
MMA-1485 Metamodel validation

Metaclass comparison reports invalid errors when constant default values are used in combination with enumeration types in metaclass attributes

When two metaclass attributes are compared and they have different fixed default values but the same enumeration as types. They are invalidly reported as overlapping as the default values are not respected.

The bug is related to the MetaClassComparison.compareEnumTypes() method

MMA-1278 Imposer, RSA

Adding a Capsule using RSA RTE UI when Change Wizard is enabled causing an "Invalid model modification" dialog to appear

Adding a Capsule using RSA RTE UI automatically add some nested elements as well.
This is very difficult to fix because the EMF Transaction framework reports the added elements in a reverse order, making it impossible for MMA to identify the added elements correctly.

One solution would be to detect that there is nested elements to a capsule being created and disable the change wizard upon this fact.

This behavior may occur in other situations as well where several elements are added using a single operation.
MMA-1241 UI Property View

Item selection dialog button for Slot value property need sometimes to be pressed twice before the dialog appear

If the defining feature has been changed the item selection dialog for slot value has to be pushed twice
The problem occur because the widgets are redrawn when the defining feature lost focus. At that point the push button listener is not yet registered.
MMA-1092 Papyrus

Automation is not always automatically enabled on a model that have been created

When a model is created and MMA has the preference setting "Always activation". MMA tries to do the activation Before the editing domain is available. Automation is therefore not initialized. Activation must therefore be made manually.
MMA-1009 MMA Profile

The stereotype 'templatebinding' in the MMA-profile used in metamodels is misspelt

The correct name should be 'templateBinding' with an uppercase B.

MMA Property View is not automatically updated when a property value is changed in some other view or editor

An automatic update would be the expected behavior But that may make the MMA Property View obsolete if it affects key-properties. In such a case the classification might change forcing a complete switch of the view content or that the view should be empty (base on that the element could not be classified). This bug needs more investigation and consequence analysis.
MMA-803 Metamodel validation

Circular <<key>> references in a metamodel leads to an inifinte loop upon activation

This might be detected if a test model can be automatically genererated from a metamodel

UML Connectors could not be created using the General UML Guidelines

The current UML General Guidelines does not have 2 as a lower number of Connector Ends to a connector, that means that a connector will be created by the Add-wizard without the option to create any connector ends. That results in an thrown RSA exception.

The lower number of Connector Ends should be set to 2 in the General UML Guidelines.
The Add-wizard should respect that number and make it possible to create 2 Connector Ends.
MMA-542 General UML guidelines

General UML Modeling Guidelines: Associations can contain other classifiers besides use-cases

The "Association" meta class can invalidly contains "Class Item"
This is a necessary exemption until association classes are supported. Currently association classes are identified as associations by MMA, and association classes are allowed to have other nested elements

The location of a referenced element is not considered when matching meta-classes representing external elements

An element must be in another model to be able to be matched with a meta-class representing an external-element
A fix of this bug may reveal new (unknown) problems in customer models.

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